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Zen Yoga is a place where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit and enjoy the benefits of yoga in a welcoming, comfortable and serene setting


A place where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal, amidst the everyday demands and pressures





"It is through your body    

that you realize that

you are a spark of divinity."

B.K.S. Iyengar




"Thank you so much for the classes.  You are fantastic at it & make everyone feel so welcome & at ease & you have a way of making people feel good about themselves regardless of how much they know about yoga.  I always find that it's the only time I really switch off & think about myself & I always feel like a new person after your class!  Totally revitalised & relaxed."

- Mairead Cervi

"I decided to start a healthier lifestyle and was told yoga is great for that. I found Zen yoga as it was down the road. I went in with the intention of becoming more flexible, starting with being able to touch my toes. After 10 months, of one class a week and practice at home when I can, I can now nearly place my palms on the flat on the ground while standing. On top of that, I do a lot of running and some of the poses are great for stretching out my legs when they are sore after a long run or pains in my back.

Thank you Antoinette for being a great teacher."

- Aidan Caddle

"Years of playing Rugby and GAA meant that my flexibility was borderline non-existent. Through Antoinette’s patience and teaching, my agility and strength has increased hugely meaning that, while there’s nothing I can do about an impact injury, I am far less likely to tear a muscle or aggravate ligaments and tendons from general play. As I got older, I also found that my body needed the Yoga as an investment in longevity. Antoinette has a great way of adapting her classes to give confidence to everyone from novice beginners to those more familiar with the poses."

- Eoin Christian

"I'm loving your classes every week!  Growing up I played a lot of sports and did athletics but then in secondary school I was on the basketball team and was bullied while on it for many years.  Since then, i just couldn't bring myself to join anything, I was just afraid really.  So many times I wanted to be part of some activity again but i just wasn't able to and going to your class was the first time in years that i joined something.  I love it, i feel so safe and get so much from it.  Thank you :-)

- Bridget McDonnell

"I have been practicing yoga on and off for the last few years and after returning to Ireland it was great to find such a good class that was local to me! Antoinette's classes are a good balance of everything that I am looking for in yoga and the practice keeps me injury free and flexible for the sports and interests I enjoy! A great class for the body and mind in a relaxed environment with a brilliant teacher."

- Eoghan Roe

"I have been attending Antoinette's yoga class at least once a week for the past year. Her blend of intense cardio and deep stretches means you get a great workout coupled with a stretching regime that will improve flexibility and ease muscle injuries or strains. The classes are catered to each individuals level and capability, with encouragement and individual attention if required."

- Daniel O'Leary

"I'd never done yoga before.  I found it challenging but really relaxing too.  I really found a difference & subtle but yet very noticeable changes over the few weeks.  My mind was just so much clearer after each class, I can only imagine the benefits of doing it long term.  Thanks so much for all your support and I couldn't recommend your classes enough & also to anyone looking for an introduction to Yoga."

- Claire Fealy

"I'm only a beginner but after doing Zen Yoga with Antoinette I don't think I could go anywhere else!  What a brilliant teacher!  Would recommend Zen Yoga to anyone I love it :)"

- Lynne Mulville

"I have tried a couple of different styles of yoga and Antoinette’s style ranks at number 1, she delivers a challenging and rewarding workout. I came back to yoga as I found the usual gym exercise routines were aggravating my wear and tear injuries and body niggles, yoga has certainly improved my stamina and strength and has helped me rediscover the joy of moving again."

- Stephen Hayes

"I' absolutely love Zen Yoga. I work in construction. Physically it takes its toll on the body. Since starting yoga earlier this year, both me & my physio have observed noticeable improvement in my flexibility. I also firmly believe its been a huge factor in me losing a couple of shots off my golf handicap moving from 9 to 6. Classes are great for focusing the mind & body. Antoinette is fun, energetic & a great teacher with wonderful people skills. Highly recommended."

- Alan Hickey, Ballinteer

"Antoinette delivers a style of yoga that has relaxed my body and mind in a way I have not experienced in years.  I am so glad I have found Zen Yoga"

- Una Simms

"The yoga instructor, Antoinette is amazing.  The best yoga classes I've ever been to.  She is very thorough and ensures that you are doing the moves correctly.  Such a great class, I love it"

- Michelle Murphy

"Kalokagathia is the word that comes to my mind anytime I reflect back on the workshop at Zen Yoga.  Well balanced three hours of yoga were full of moments where the feelings of joy and satisfaction were jostling out to the surface. Beautifully selected music accompanied the whole workshop, nothing was left to chance. The icing on the cake was the very last part – meditation where Antoinette´s voice was leading us through the last half an hour and I felt like my mind left the body.  Antoinette thank you for the beautiful experience topped by the goodies at the end."

- Nikoleta Ďorďayová

"Thank you for your classes, I really enjoy them, I'm looking forward to it every week. Your classes are so well balanced, they are challenging, I love the meditation parts, breathing, new thing every week."

- Violine Bertin

"I have been going to Antoinette's classes for a few months now & I can honestly say that I am feeling a lot better in myself.  In fact, I am always looking forward to my weekly class as it helps me to de-stress & re-balance my body, mind & spirit.  I was a complete novice when I started & it's very rewarding to see the progress you make as you go along.  The general perception is that Yoga is mostly practiced by women, but it is great to see that the male/female ration is pretty balanced in Antoinette's classes.  If you're thinking of giving Yoga a go, I would highly recommend Antoinette."

- Tony Hosten

"Lovely small personal classes with a great instructor.  Happy clients too"

- Pamela Bourke

"I love Antoinette's style of yoga, the class has a great pace, you feel as though your mind and body has had a thorough workout and chance to relax.  Her approach as a teacher is excellent and I would recommend to anyone who likes a yoga class that has a good pace and a good chance for relaxation afterwards."

- Suzanne Mulvaney

"Besides the beautiful, peaceful energy Antoinette created, the combination of the breathing exercises, meditation & the physical yoga practice left me feeling both exhilarated & very peaceful & I slept like a baby that night.  One of the nicest things about Zen Yoga sessions & Workshops is how all needs are met & everyone can progress at their own pace in a very safe & welcoming environment.  You always come out feeling really glad you were part of it."

- AnnMarie Quarry

"Balance, strength, flexibility, alignment, connectedness, joy, flow, reward, achievement, release, spiritual, commitment to myself... Organic tea and homemade healthy and tasty cakes... Those are the words that come to my mind when I think of Antoinette's workshops!"

- Valerie Carbon

"Lovely atmosphere, well set up, great experience"

- Anne Connolly

"Just to thank you Antoinette for the wonderful classes, so enjoyable. I teach 2nd class, 30 children and I use so much of what you do with us, in my classroom. The difference it's made to them is remarkable and even just taking a few minutes every day to focus on breathing, meditation and so on has a profound effect on them."

- Mairead