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'Feel Alive & Thrive' Yoga Workshop


 Saturday 23rd September 2017  --  11:00am - 13:30pm



Through the Gateways of Yoga, Breathing, Meditation & Chant


 We are meant to feel alive & thrive

& to be the best that we can for ourselves & others



                -   This dynamic holistic Workshop will focus on renewing & letting go, physically,
                    energetically & spiritually in order to feel alive & thrive
                 -   Our practice opens us up physically, mentally & spiritually & allows us
                    to be more receptive
                 -   A rounded & challenging practice


                  -   All levels are welcome as modifications will be offered



                    The Workshop will Incorporate: 
                 -   Pranayama - breathing exercises
                 -   Creating a Healing Channel Through the 7 Main Chakras (energy centres) - Chant 
                -   'Feel Alive & Thrive' Yoga Practice - dynamic & challenging with variations offered for  
                     all levels
                    & will end with:
                 -   'Yoga Nidra

a systematic method of complete relaxation which uniquely unwinds the nervous


system, which is the foundation of the body's well-being


                -    Cost: 30
                -   All welcome to stay after for tea & cake




Testimonials from recent Zen Yoga Workshops   


"Kalokagathia is the word that comes to my mind anytime I reflect back on the workshop at Zen Yoga.  Well balanced three hours of yoga
were full of moments where the feelings of joy and satisfaction were jostling out to the surface. Beautifully selected music accompanied
the whole workshop, nothing was left to chance. The icing on the cake was the very last part – meditation where Antoinette´s
voice was leading us through the last half an hour and I felt like my mind left the body.
Antoinette thank you for the beautiful experience topped by the goodies at the end."

- Nikoleta Ďorďayová

"As a newcomer to Zen Yoga Studio I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend Antoinette's workshop on Feb 22nd. I found the
experience to be calming yet energizing. I left the workshop feeling revitalized and full of positivity. The homemade cakes, tea and little chats
with fellow yogi's was a lovely way to end the workshop.  I've already signed up for Antoinette's next workshop on April 26!"
- Karen O'Sullivan
"Balance, strength, flexibility, alignment, connectedness, joy, flow, reward, achievement, release, spiritual, commitment to myself... Organic
tea and homemade healthy and tasty cakes... Those are the words that come to my mind when I think of Antoinette's workshops!"
- Valerie Carbon
"Thanks Antoinette, for a wonderful afternoon of total relaxation, thoroughly enjoyed both workshops that I attended at your studio, can't wait
for the next one, definitely a mind changing experience."
- Joan Ahmed
"Antoinette, I would like to thank you for a fantastic day.  Your yoga workshop was THE BEST yoga experience I have ever had.  Please let me
know when you are running the next workshop.  Namaste."
- Marie Callanan
"The workshop was a thorough workout for the brain & body while fully relaxing me.  I felt great & totally relaxed after it.&nbs