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Pregnancy is a special time & yoga helps to celebrate Mum-to-be bonding with baby
The pregnancy yoga class will help Mum-to-be:
-   embrace the changes going on in her body from week to week in a supportive &
    nurturing environment
-   reduce the aches, pains & discomforts that can accompany pregnancy
-   help to tone & prepare the body & mind for the journey of the birth
The poses are gentle & accommodate the changes in the body as baby grows
A lot of emphasis is put on breathing and relaxation which not only help for the labour but also in boosting energy levels & aiding more restful sleep
Pregnancy Yoga classes are suitable for everyone (from 15 weeks of pregnancy), regardless of whether or not you have practiced yoga




"When I was 30 weeks pregnant I started attending pregnancy yoga with Antoinette at ZenYoga in November 2014.  Not only have I found that this class has supported me physically throughout last stage of pregnancy, I also get a great sense of connection with my baby.  

As my pregnancy nears an end, the breathing techniques were absolutely invaluable.  I felt empowered by weekly visualisations to birth my baby and that really help during my labour.  As I wanted I had a drug free birth using only yoga  and breathing.  I highly recommend ZenYoga pregnancy yoga class, as a supportive and uplifting experience for any mother to be. 

Thank you Antoinette for a wonderful experience, and being at the beginning of my yoga road."

- Daria Gerus

"I attended Zen Yoga during my pregnancy. The tailored pregnancy yoga classes were fantastic for easing the common aches and pains of pregnancy; stretching out tired muscles and helping to unwind and relax.

I also really looked forward to catching up with all the other expectant mums each week, gaining their advise and chatting about our experiences. I would highly recommend this class to any expectant mum looking to keep fit in a safe and secure environment for both mum and baby."

- Ann-Marie Deegan

"Thank you for the pregnancy yoga course.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and also how much help the breathing techniques were"

- Laura Rochford

"I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes: with two little ones already at home, it was a wonderful escape & allowed time to focus in on this baby & I always felt great afterwards.  Thank you!"

- Janet Kane

"I felt calm, energised and positive after each class and always slept much better afterwards. I would highly recommend Antoinette's class to expectant mums as she created a very relaxed and enjoyable class"

- Áine Murphy

"Thanks for all your help and advice, I really think the yoga helped me through the pregnancy and labour, especially as I managed a drug-free birth which I was delighted about!"

- Laura O'Reilly

"I attended Antoinette's yoga classes prior to my pregnancy and then during. I love the friendly, caring, fun and relaxed atmosphere that Antoinette creates.
I love her style of teaching and the level of yoga is perfect. I believe that practicing yoga prior to and during pregnancy definitely contributed to my great labour.

Thank you Antoinette! I'd thoroughly recommend your classes."

- Catherine Laverty

"Doing pregnancy yoga with Antoinette was such a great experience!  Antoinette is able to pitch the classes to suit every stage of pregnancy and she gives you the guidance and support to adapt the poses to suit your expanding bump.  I looked forward to the classes because they gave me a chance to step away from life’s demands for an hour and a half a week in order to focus on my pregnancy and form a bond with the baby inside. The breathing techniques we practiced really helped me during the labour and I really enjoyed having a chat and a bit of fun with other ladies in the classes who were going through the same thing!  Thanks Antoinette – I’ve already given your details to a friend who was looking to start pregnancy yoga!"

- Mairead Cervi

"After 42 weeks, our little guy finally arrived.  I can't thank you enough for what I learnt in yoga.  It honestly helped me so much through labour.  I wouldn't have been equipped otherwise and probably would have panicked.  The breathing was essential in keeping my environment calm and helped me stay in control but also I felt the poses and stretches helped prepare & flex my body.  So a big thank you!"

- Mairead Maguire